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We Are Hummingbird Studios

creating kickass content for a brave new world

We create powerful stories that connect brands to people and culture. For our audiences that means really awesome content, that they love and share. For our clients that means higher engagement and brand affinity – and ultimately a greater measurable impact.

Our innate technical & creative understanding of consumer behavior allows us to develop massive, multi-faceted campaigns that engage people through shared values and passions – leveraging technology, culture, influence & entertainment.

We are passionate storytellers, immersed in social culture,
developing a compelling and authentic brand dialogue with consumers.


Hi-fi, low-fi, video or still… written, drawn or painted. We have the experience and resources to create any story in any required format.

Our in-house photo/video and music studios are complimented by a range of scalable production solutions, while our sister companies provide specialist experiential and event management support.

What We Do

01: Content Creation

From music videos and documentaries, to infographics, memes and animated gifs. If millions love it – we create it.

02: Brand Storytelling

We specialize in super-creative, cross-platform digital campaigns, featuring multiple narratives and distribution channels.

03: Community Building

Our social publishing team grow thriving online communities, by creating thousands of engaging images and videos every year.

04: Influencer Partnerships

Our influencer team has access to over 85,000 digital stars, enabling us to leverage the most influential voices in popular culture.

05: Live Experience

Our live activation team makes brands relevant in the moment, by capturing content on location, and at launch parties and events.

06: Cultural Collaboration

We make brands active participants in culture, by collaborating with artists, entertainment properties, opinion leaders and tastemakers.

Our Clients

We captivate audiences on behalf of a broad range of global companies, and their agencies of record.

Our Approach


You may not have felt it, but something seismic happened the day your phone become the dominant way that you express yourself. It created an ecosystem in which two billion consumers now have the power to aggregate content for relevancy and authenticity in realtime – and share the stories that are most valuable in terms of self-expression and human connection.

We believe that this polarity shift is disrupting mass media to its core – and by extension, what brands mean to consumers. No longer can companies solely rely on paid channels to distribute ‘marketing’. They must also focus on the worthiness of content and the value that sharing their story across a multi-channel network provides humans.

As the marketing landscape grows increasing complex, consumers require a thoughtful, humanized approach to communication. Rather than start with a brand ‘message’, Hummingbird Studios begins by identifying the values, passions & commonalities that authentically connect a brand to its audience. We then analyze the broader cultural landscape that exists between company & consumer, and ‘activate’ the brand in culture – through storytelling & collaboration.

Get In Touch


1715 N Gower Street

Hollywood, Los Angeles

CA 90028


tel: +1 (323) 471 0060





there’s parking out back: turn left on Carlos
Ave and 
left again down the back alley until
you reach our back gate – call 323 471-0060
or press the buzzer and shout ‘hey yo….’

Hummingbird Studios is part of Al Ahli Holding Group, a conglomerate of over 30 companies, operating in 20 countries around the world.